September 5, 2014

hello out there

Posting on this blog has always been a bit sporadic. And I've never really apologized for it. When I started this blog, goodness, a little more than five years ago, I knew that I didn't want guilt to ever play a part in the why or how of my posting. Still, I know it's been more than quiet around here this past year.

I still feel like this post, which I wrote about two years ago, is still very true. Life is busy. Not for the sake of it, but it is.

Within that post, I linked to another one. I think that post is also so very true. Her comments about Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and add to that now, Instagram, are all even more true. Although I will say that I don't compare myself with other bloggers, and certainly do not fall into discontent about the whole thing. But, I'm with her, very much behind the curve.

So what has been going on? Let's catch up a bit...

This year I taught my first class at Big Picture Classes. It was a good and wonderful experience. Creating quality class content is important to the team at BPC, and I certainly didn't want to let anyone down! I learned a lot and had fun, but it also took a lot out of me.

Of course, there is school work to be done. I might talk about that more in some upcoming posts. I am a new homeschooler, to be sure, and so I will offer no advice. But, early on when I was discerning whether or not to homeschool I found a lot of comfort in reading what others were doing. So, I might share a little of that here.

And then there is all the stuff of daily life, cleaning, laundry, and making meals. I cook a lot. As in, almost every meal. I try to use the idea of "cook once, eat twice" (or more) as often as I can, but I get restless in the kitchen. Lately, I have been trying at least one (sometimes two or three) new recipes a week.

I started running last summer. After a 7 year break. Then December came along and I fell out of my routine. In January, I got back into a rhythm, but then come mid-March I got really sick. It was just a cold, but it took me about 6 weeks to recover fully (it was two colds really; one right after the other). It was not fun. Happily though, as soon as I felt well enough I started running again. I only run three times a week, and I'm not fast and do not go far, but it is something.

We'll see if I can blog a little more often. Not because I have to, but because when I go back and look at old posts, I'm happy at what I've shared and the stories I've told. I like having that record here. In the cases of some stories, it's the only record we have. So, I'm gonna try to do that a little more. If only for my own sake.

Happy Friday, and here's wishing you a good weekend. 

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