February 26, 2014

because it's never too late...

to say I love you. A little cheesy, I know. But yikes, February has seemingly come and gone and I haven't been around much. I tried writing this post early last week and was interrupted oh, about a gajillion times, and so just abandoned the effort altogether. But I was almost done and so I will give it another go.

Such a simple post too, just sharing a few cards I made for the Simple Stories blog a couple of weeks ago. A handful of us were asked to work with products from Petaloo and I decided to make a set of very easy cards. I wanted to keep these designs simple, first of all, to save time. Secondly, because the flowers from Petaloo are quite realistic and they have a little more dimension than products that I typically use. I didn't want the cards to be so visually overwhelming (at least, that was the goal!)

We were asked to work with the Homespun Collection and it really was the perfect match for the Petaloo flowers. I think only other paper lovers will understand, but that polka dot paper with the navy on teal, I sort of love it.

The smaller pockets from the new DIY Collection are the perfect size for holding gift cards. I removed the centers of the flowers below with wire cutters and used brads in their place. These truly only take a few minutes to put together.

Finally, a simple layered tag.

I admitted to still loving butterflies not too long ago. I also really like using stems of leaves as a layer for cards. I have a few favorites from the Silhouette shop and am always looking for new ones.

I know, it's not much of a post, but that's all I've got for now. Must go make breakfast and get a start on our day.

February 1, 2014

photo love: a photo a day in the month of february

So, the same thing that kept me from blogging much last year also kept me from taking as many photographs as I usually do. I took plenty of photos, just not as many as in years past. I just didn't feel the same way about photography...

there was something missing.

I don't usually do projects that require you to do something everyday or every week, or even every month. Last time I attempted such a thing was in 2012 with the Take Twelve project through Ella. I did take all of the photos each month, but my plan to scrapbook those photos...

yeah, I made it about halfway through the year and then that all fizzled out. I'm just not very good at those sort of things.

I don't have a plan for this little project of mine other than to pick up my camera every day for the month of February and photograph, something.

Like, little boys eating orange slices whilst making goofy faces.

And my hope? That somewhere along the way I'll fall in love again.


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