January 13, 2014

it's a colorful life...

I'm not quite ready to start the week, if I'm being perfectly honest. Maybe I'm still missing our Christmas break? It was so very peaceful. But yesterday was the last day of the Christmas season and I suppose it cannot last forever. I will miss the greenery and twinkle lights in our church. Our church always does look so nice at Christmastime...


I hosted the Simple Stories blog last week, just before all the reveals of new products started. If you haven't seen the new collections you should stop by the blog and take a look. I'll be sharing some projects made with two of the new lines later this week. And I have a little CHA recap planned too. This release includes quite a lot of new product and I have a feeling those of you who do Life Documented (or um, Project Life) will be especially excited.

Now, about this layout, I'll start with a disclaimer. I don't really like this photo. It doesn't look all that bad here, but it was taken in late afternoon as the sun was going down. The overhead light in our dining area was on and I didn't get the lighting or the camera settings just right. I did some editing, but sometimes you can only fix things so much (and my skills are limited). Yet, I love this image.

This is Sam, and he is, something else, as they say. He is full of energy and he keeps me and his daddy on our toes to be sure. He is also super sweet and he has the best laugh and smile. The photo may not be perfect, and yes I could have converted it to black and white, but I chose to embrace the imperfection here, and the color. I was assigned to use Daily Grind for this blog post, and really it was the perfect collection for this layout because it allowed me to use lots of color, but without being overwhelming. I find that if you have a photo that has lots of color and chaos sometimes it is better to go with that instead of trying to subdue it or fight with it.

About that photo, see all the clutter in the background? Well, that's real life! I did use some stickers from the Everyday Sn@p! set to fill in some of that empty space in the photo.

Really, I was just happy to capture this moment. He is making the sign for "all done" and I happened to catch it on film (right, you know what I mean). Sam is not the kind to make repeat performances! You either get the shot or you don't. Like the card above says, this is good stuff!

Before we move on, here is a small tip for adding something special to a title, particularly when using Silhouette titles,

try replacing the dot in your i's with an embellishment like brads, buttons or enamel dots. It is a simple switch, but it can make a big difference. Titles made from paper can be flat... yes, they are flat, but they can come across as flat in the design if you don't do something to them. You can see that I also backed the empty space in the heart with a different colored paper; that adds another sense of dimension to the title.

Next up is this layout of Sam and Nathan playing together.

Again, I was so happy to capture these moments. Nathan love, love, loves his baby brother. And Sam is finally old enough to hold his own and play with his brothers too, so moments like these are happily becoming more common. I used patterned papers from Daily Grind, but started with a ledger background from Sn@p! Life. My love of ledger paper lives on. It is one of my favorite backgrounds and you can see it in the layout above too.

Here is a close-up of the title.

The cut file for this title actually says "the good stuff," and you'll notice that all of the letters are connected in the original. Creating this title was rather simple. To start, I size my title and then copy and paste it. After that I use the knife tool in the Silhouette software to cut away the parts of the title I don't want. So one copy for the word "stuff" and one for "good." Then I can cut the words in different colors and create a title with a little more dimension.

You can find complete supply lists for these layouts in my gallery at Scrapbook.com:  good stuff and love this smile.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Why don't you have more comments ?! Your blog is AWESOME ! So much inspiration ! Love ALL your layouts. Why didn't I read it before?! On my bloglovin right now...


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