September 17, 2013

looking back

The first day of fall this year is September 22nd. A little less than a week away. I know I haven't written much here this past year. I was going to say summer, but really, I just looked at my post count for this year and it is abysmal. Maybe I will write more about that at some point. For now, I'm going to share a recent layout I posted over at the Simple Stories blog.

{supply list}

In my last post here I mentioned that the boys were taking swimming lessons. They have always been a little timid around the water. And even though I felt it was important (even necessary) that they learn how to swim I never wanted to push them into it. I know my boys; the oldest in particular does much better when I wait for him to be ready for something. Whatever that something is. So they finally expressed an interest in taking lessons and it ended up being the highlight of our summer. It was a bit exhausting I have to say, but it was fun too. The boys learned a lot. They still have a long way to go, but I was pleased with their progress. And they are no longer terrified of the water.

Until next time...


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