May 2, 2013

Super-big, huge, exciting news!!

Well, how's that for a blog post title?!  But it's true, I am thrilled to announce the release of my second eBook, Stretch Your Sketches 2!  With this second book we pick up where the first one left off.  The first eBook covered one-photo to seven-photo sketches, while the sequel covers 8-photo through 14-photo sketches.  However, you'll find a huge variety of pages within that framework.  For example, an adaptation that will accommodate up to 20 photos!  Just like the first book this second book teaches principles that will help you adapt any sketch to the number of photos you have, to a different size or orientation, or from a single page to a spread.

Writing this book and creating the layouts for it was a true labor of love.  I really wanted to include a wide variation in the types and styles of sketches you'd find.  Putting 7 or 10 or 14 photos on a layout is not easy.  And I didn't want to do all grids.  Although you will find a couple of grids in the book, the goal was to keep the content both fresh and timeless.  I am a practical girl at heart after all.

I was joined by four fabulous designers who helped create layouts for the book:  Monica Bradford, Lisa Day, Aly Dosdall and Marie Taylor.  The pages they created are beautiful and creative and I couldn't be happier with their contributions.

Here is a basic overview of the book, you'll get:
  • 7 main sketches for multi-photo layouts, each adapted 3 original ways
  • 18 sensational bonus sketches for multi-photo scrapbook pages
  • 21 gorgeous layouts based on the main sketches

And here is a sample page,

This happens to be one of my favorite layouts from the book.  My first eBook featured a layout of Nathan titled, "One of a Kind" and this second layout sort of elaborates on that idea.  Truthfully, I am so happy with the way all of my layouts turned out.  As I said, it was tough creating that many multi-photo sketches and layouts!  But in the end, I am truly proud of what I created. 

You can find my books at the Big Picture Classes website under the eBooks tab.  Here are direct links to both books:  Stretch Your Sketches and Stretch Your Sketches 2.

As always, thanks for stopping by and for sharing in my excitement!!


  1. Cool! And now I have to go yell at Marie for not telling me : )

  2. Yay, awesome! I am going to check them out, I love sketches!


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