December 11, 2012

use what you have

I didn't mean to go almost two weeks between blog posts.  I might as well tell you right now, that while I have a ton of posts and ideas I'd like to share with you, I'm not sure I'll actually be able to.  We're doing a final push in our schooling until the Christmas break.  Then there are the usual Christmas preparations that must be done.  And of course, no winter would be complete without a sick baby.  Right?  Yeah, I could do without that too.  In fairness to said baby, he could be a lot grumpier than he is, so I'm going to give him credit where credit is due.

So it seems, I am always blogging about scrapbooking.  Though, I do try to throw some real life in here too...

Sometimes you will read a scrapbooker lament that all they ever worry about are assignments and deadlines.  They complain that they never have time to scrapbook, "just for fun."  Honestly, even if an assignment isn't what I'd like to be scrapbooking right at that moment, I am thankful for them, and for the deadlines.  If it weren't for that outside push I'm not sure I'd be scrapbooking much at all these days.  And then, sometimes, an assignment pushes me to scrapbook something that I wouldn't have otherwise.  Like the photo above, taken almost two years ago

We had a challenge this week to scrapbook a holiday layout using non-traditional colors.  I went through some old photos and thought that the blues, reds and grays in Seen & Noted would be a perfect match for these pictures of Nathan snacking on panettone. 

They were taken at my husband's parents' house in New Jersey.  We had just come inside from playing in the snow and Nathan didn't want to take his hat off.  I really can't blame him.  I mean, this is a little boy who has palm trees growing in his backyard.  In fact, I seem to remember that while he enjoyed playing in the snow he wanted to come in because the snow was "too cold."  Of course.

I loved this challenge because I actually like the traditional red and green of Christmas, and so I had to think outside the box a little.  In the end I went more with a winter layout, but still.  It also made me scrapbook a photo that I wouldn't have otherwise.  We had such an amazing time that year that I think I feel a lot of pressure to make pages that live up to that feeling.  Do you ever experience that?  This was perhaps the kick-start that I needed.  I also loved this challenge because it shows that you can use what you have.  I have a ton of Christmas paper - a ton of paper in general - but if you don't, make what you have work for you.  With that said, you should stop by the blog and see Emily's layout too.  It's pretty amazing.  So colorful and still has a definite Christmas feel, and yet, not a Christmas paper in sight. =)

Well, my quiet time will be up soon so I best get going.  Nathan and the baby are still sleeping, but I imagine not for much longer.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. I can't get my kids to wear hats on outside, let alone at the table! ;) ;) I love this color scheme! And thanks for the kind words about my layout!!!


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