September 13, 2012

a work in progress...

Yesterday I said I would try to share a recently made layout and card.  But oh boy, it was definitely one of those days.  I also mentioned something about a little quiet time during my last post...  should have put "little" in bold.  I think no sooner had I hit publish on that post than a certain someone, a very cute and chubby and sweet someone, woke up from his nap.  And I knew it wasn't going to be good because it was about an hour too early.  But such is life with babies.

Just like on the Millennium Falcon, the work is never done.

So, last night I played with my blog's template instead of writing a real post.  I've been wanting to make some changes and updates for a while now.  You could think of it as not-so-routine maintenance.  Still not sure I like it.  The changes are subtle, but I suppose you get used to seeing something a certain way so I notice them.  I'm going to continue to make some changes over the next couple of weeks.  Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments for the design, or if you notice anything that looks strange or out of place. 

Tomorrow is daddy's Friday off, so today is what we call first Friday.  Tomorrow will be second Friday.  Love having two Fridays. 

See you again soon!

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