August 22, 2012

happy day

Something I get asked a lot lately is how I find time to scrapbook.  Actually, I think every scrapbooker gets asked this question.  Since Samuel's birth I have managed to find a way to fit crafting and scrapbooking into my life because it is important to me.  But still, some days in spite of my desires and best intentions, there just isn't enough time.  Over the last few months, something I have really come to enjoy is making cards.  I made this card,

using scraps from the layout I shared a couple of weeks ago.

You can make the process even quicker by using similar design elements.  Including the time it took to die-cut the butterfly, this card only took about ten minutes to complete, and now I have a happy summer card to give away to someone special.

I shared this card last week at as part of the summertime dailies.  That post will be my last one as a member of the team.  I cannot say very much about why I decided to leave, simply that I have been thinking about it for many months now.  And it was time.

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