July 2, 2012

hello, July!

Can you believe that half the year has already passed?  I sort of can't.  I'm not going to say that it feels like just yesterday this guy was born

because it doesn't.  But goodness, it does seem like time goes faster when you have children.  They are all just growing up so darn quick.  Sam found his feet last week

Can you say, cuteness?

He looks a little worried here.  Like, "mom, please stop taking my picture."

But I didn't stop, I took a few more.  That's a mommy's prerogative.  Oh, and I promise that we own more than just this one romper.  I just make him wear it, a lot.  It is my favorite one and it's not going to fit him for much longer.

I'll be back later this week to post some of my recent pages.  Or not so recent pages.  Until then, I hope you had a good Monday!

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