June 12, 2012

life around here

I know it's been very scrapbook heavy here lately.  I've been trying for weeks to write a non-scrapbooking related post.  Honestly, life is really not all that crazy here, it's just that I'm trying to fit everything in.  There is all the usual stuff like cleaning, and laundry, and making meals... 

then there is spending time with these guys:

who pretty much make me laugh everyday.  They were making a feast, obviously.  And notice, it included bacon.

They are spending a lot of time outside.  It's been warm, but not too hot.  I hope it stays that way, but I know it won't.

I dare you to look at this little guy when he smiles and not smile back.  He has the most infectious giggle too.

This one, oh, this one.  He's been a little cranky as of late.  Poor thing has eczema.  His face looks pretty clear here; this was taken before the last bad breakout:

Gabe had eczema as a baby too, and he outgrew it, so we're just hoping the same thing will happen for Sam. 

These two... it is just Star Wars all the time:

For the most part, they play nicely together and it is a blessing to see the bond between them grow.  Nathan loves his big brother.  They do pretty much everything together.

Nathan also loves his little brother; he especially likes to give Sam hugs and kisses:

It's a little hard to see, this is the best photo I have that might show it, but we think this little one might have blue eyes:

They are a very dark blue-grey and most definitely not brown.  It will be interesting to see if they stay that color.  And yeah, he's wearing the same romper as in the photo above.  I happen to think it is super-cute, because yes, he is 100% Loveable. =)

I wanted to share a couple of posts that have been on my mind lately, and while they don't completely or perfectly reflect my views about blogging as of late, they come pretty close.  The first is one about the time we spend offline posted at Amongst Lovely Things, and the other is a post I found via Sarah's blog, To Blog or Not to Blog.  Essentially, if you don't see too many posts from me, just know that I am busy - not for the sake of being busy, but busy spending time with my family.  I do get plenty of free time, comparatively speaking, and for the most part I've been spending it scrapbooking.  That just means that there is not a lot of time left for blogging, but I know you understand.

Finally, I want to say how grateful I am for all of you who have stopped by and left comments on the last two blog hop posts.  It is so inspiring to see that others love this hobby as much as I do.

Have a blessed week!


  1. Donna, funny what you wrote about living life is exactly how I feel right now. thanks for the great links that really put life into a clearer perspective. Enjoy your time with you little ones!

  2. Those photos are beautiful. And Star Wars--it's amazing how much play in the world is based on Star Wars!

  3. The photos say it all - there's good, amazing, wonderful, sweet, not to be missed stuff going on all around you. Isn't that why you scrapbook and blog anyway, to help capture all that. Should go hand in hand, not take over. So glad that you are finding the balance with family and still creating beautiful things!

  4. Oh my gosh. Sam is SO cute (and I love his onesie)!!! Henry has eczema too...comes and goes.

    Off to read your links. I've been working so hard at blogging at night/nap time when it doesn't interfere with my kiddo time, but I feel like my blog is very unauthentic lately, because I usually schedule so many of my posts ahead of time!!


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