May 1, 2012


That's the theme of this month's gallery at  We are celebrating and documenting the everyday, and just like every month, the gallery is filled with tons of great inspiration.

My gallery contribution for this month is a layout about Nathan:

Nathan is fearless when it comes to some things.  Jumping from a ridiculous height and sticking the landing?  No problem.  Putting on your shoes by yourself... well, for some reason he really didn't want to try to do this without help from mommy or daddy.  I think it's because he is a little shy of doing things when he is not guaranteed success.  After much coaxing though, last summer he did start attempting to do it himself.  Even now, months and months later, he still puts his shoes on the wrong foot, often, but at least now he tries.

Putting your shoes on everyday is a pretty ordinary experience.  But when you're little and just learning to do it by yourself for the first time, it can be a big deal.  Recording the everyday moments of my family’s life is what truly inspires me in this hobby and it is the topic that makes up the bulk of my pages.  It’s these ordinary moments, and images, that I want to remember when my boys are grown, and it is what keeps me going when the inspiration isn't always there

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