April 30, 2012

the difference a week makes

Call it mojo, call it inspiration, whatever it was, I got a dose of it last week.  There are times when I don't feel like scrapbooking, and most of the time those periods of creative rest don't bother me.  I get a bit anxious though when the desire is there, but there is no inspiration or time to pursue that need.  Here is one of the things I made last week, a layout of Samuel with daddy just a few days after we got home from the hospital: 

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using my favorite collection from Simple Stories, Awesome.  I can hardly believe how much he has grown these past two months.  He is certifiably chubby now (he is the biggest little baby we have had thus far).  Looking at him in those photos, so tiny...  it all goes by so fast.  Which is part of why I do this whole scrapbooking thing in the first place.  I still have more ideas than time, but at least I'm making some progress.

Until next time, praying you have a blessed week.

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  1. I have more ideas than time too only I dont have the excuse of a new baby! Thanks for finding the time to share your beautiful layout!


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