February 16, 2012

I almost forgot...

With the third Saturday of the month coming soon, I realized that I hadn't posted last month's Write.Click.Scrapbook. sketch.  How that happened, I'm not sure... it just completely slipped my mind!  In any event, here it is

based on my layout for last month's gallery,

{supply list}
which I'm sharing again because I love that photo, and I love the papers and colors, and I just generally love them all together.  This layout makes me happy!  And that's enough reason for me. =)

Visit last month's post, here, to find the link to a fully layered digital template of the sketch as well as these

free printable tags.  Aren't they cute?

Have a great day!

February 15, 2012

guest designing at Simple Stories

The last couple of weeks have had me in heavy nesting mode.  I feel like this baby will be here almost any minute now and we're trying to check-off all those last minute things on our to-do lists.  We are just so very ready to meet this little guy.  I am ready too.  You know you are ready when you actually look forward to going into labor!  We want to meet Samuel and see his little face and hear his little cries...well, hopefully they'll be little.  Nathan had such a sweet, little cry... Gabe, not so much. =)  This part of pregnancy is hard I think, I had a friend say as much just yesterday.  The waiting!  Oh, the waiting.  But enough about that.

Because this baby could be here any day, I shouldn't put this off any longer.  A couple of weeks ago I was featured at the Simple Stories blog as their guest designer.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to be asked to guest design for them!  Over the past year, they have easily become my favorite manufacturer.  My two favorite collections to date are, 100 Days of Summer:

and Year-O-Graphy:

which you might remember I am using for my Document 2012 album

I also mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I love their new boy collection, Awesome:

I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with that one!  It is just too perfect for life around here. =)

For my guest design spot, I was asked to work with their Baby Steps Collection.  A perfectly appropriate choice don't you think?  And again, I fell in love.  Here is one of the layouts I made:

As you know, I have been monitored closely during this pregnancy.  We had to have growth ultrasounds every 4-6 weeks, and these images are proof that Samuel is in fact doing well.  You also know how very blessed I feel to have had a healthy pregnancy.

I made a set of cards too.  A thank you card, a welcome card, and one that I left blank.  The fundamentals cardstock sticker sheets that are included in each collection kit are filled with lots of great designs as well as borders and title pieces.  Is it too practical to say this?  They're a really good value for the money.  Seriously, I love their stickers.  Here are my cards:

I really enjoyed creating these, and my favorite one includes that little trio of owls!

You can see the other layout I created at the Simple Stories blog.  I'll share it with you here once Samuel makes his arrival.  And I'm going to be perfectly transparent about this, yes, I am trying out for their design team.  I've never been on a manufacturer's team before, and don't apply to those types of calls often, but I do really love their products.  Wish me luck!

February 2, 2012

a new month, a new gallery

The gallery for February went live yesterday at Write.Click.Scrapbook.  The theme for this month is music; here is my contribution

This layout is a bit of a continuation from last month’s gallery layout, These Days.  I've mentioned a few times that living in Southern California we experience very mild winters.  The boys spend a lot of time outside this time of year because the weather is just so beautiful.  During the week that this photo was taken we had had a few days of rain and they were starting to get a bit antsy having to stay indoors.  When the rain finally cleared up they were so happy to get back outside again.  One of their favorite things to do is to make water bubbles.  I give them bowls, straws, and a bottle of water and they blow “bubbles.”  Really, I think they just like to see who can make the biggest mess!

Tying into the music theme, the title for this layout is from the lyrics of Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic.”  There are a couple of CDs that the boys really love to listen to in the car.  Coldplay and U2 happen to be in frequent rotation, and that song in particular is one of their favorites.

Also new this month at WCS, we have welcomed two new members to the team, Diane Payne and Emily Spahn.  So glad to welcome them to the collective!

Finally, today is give.away.day., and there are lots of new CHA goodies up for grabs.  I got a sneak peek of a few of the goodies on Sunday and I know you won't want to miss out!


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