January 22, 2012

35 weeks

I am going to have to just admit to myself that for the next several weeks, possibly months, blogging will be a bit sporadic.  I say to myself, because I have a feeling you already knew?  I'm sure there will be some weeks when I'll have lots to share and will feel very talkative.  Then there will be others where I just don't have much to say, or the energy to say it.  Because you see, I really have wanted to blog this past week, but I've been so very tired.  My husband had a long work week which meant a long week for me too.  By the end of every day, the time when I would normally formulate some thoughts and possibly write a post, I was just plain worn out.  The most either of us could manage was to get the kids to bed, and then watch a little TV while doing kick counts (with a few other chores thrown in).

But here I am, and I have just entered my 35th week.  Last week we had our last growth ultrasound.  Baby Samuel has been doing very well this entire pregnancy and his growth has been completely normal.  There has been absolutely nothing to indicate that there is anything to be concerned about at all regards having a healthy baby and a healthy delivery.  Now for some personal details, as with Nathan, my goal is to deliver naturally, without pain medication or unnecessary medical intervention, under the supervision of a nurse midwife.  The midwives I see work within a hospital system and the birth center where their patients give birth is on a separate floor from labor and delivery.  Because of our circumstance with Michael, I had been risked-out of a birth center delivery by a perinatologist that I saw early in pregnancy.  I had to meet with another perinatologist to have my charts updated.  This pregnancy has been officially called "normal" and I am now birth center eligible.  Being in the birth center simply makes it more possible for me have the kind of birth that I want, and for that I am truly thankful.

We are ready to meet this little one, but there is still so much to do.  My husband is working on painting the baby's room this weekend (and he won't let me help).  Even though Samuel will be in our room for some time, we know that after his arrival we will simply not have the time or the energy to get such a project completed.  And oh yes, we put that off...  there is a lot to be said about that, but I will spare you the details... it is getting done now and that is all that matters. 

Currently, I'm refreshing my memory on the process of birth (reading books and such), reminding myself of relaxation techniques we used during Nathan's birth, and generally preparing myself mentally for the next step.  In my heart though, I am ready to welcome this baby to our family.  I have been ready for so long now.

I want to say thank you to those who have been praying for us, or who have sent us messages of encouragement and support.  They truly mean a lot to me.

I have a few posts to share with you this week.  I've been doing lots of creating, when I have the energy for it, and I'd like to share some of those things with you. 

Until then, I hope you have a lovely and blessed week.


  1. I am so excited for you and so glad that he is doing well. I can't wait to see pictures of baby Samuel! Hang in there.

  2. Very excited for you, Donna : ) I'm so glad you'll be able to have the birth on your terms as much as possible!

  3. wow! 35 weeks already!?! I just hit 39 myself (I haven't been updating at all b/c of the move) and will most likely make it to 40 weeks- set that appt the other day ;)
    Looking forward to meeting baby Samuel and I'm so happy that you're able to have the birth you want!


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