December 3, 2011

December Fun at Write.Click.Scrapbook.

I promised you a blog post on Wednesday and then... well, I did mean to post, but I woke up on Thursday morning feeling less than great.  I really thought I was coming down with a cold, but I think I was just a bit worn out.  Thankfully, I felt much better yesterday.  And yes, I could have posted yesterday, but we had to put together daddy's birthday celebration!  Friday was spent making special treats, putting up decorations (very rudimentary ones I will add), making birthday cards, and generally cleaning up so the house would look nice when daddy got home from work.  I think if you asked Gabe and Nathan they would tell you our efforts were successful and daddy had a very happy birthday.

But!  I'm here now to keep my promise to share my Write.Click.Scrapbook. December layout with you.  The theme for this month, Holiday Homes
I always say this, because it's always true, but you should really go and visit the gallery.  There are so many wonderful ideas for recording the things that are important to us at this very special time of year.  I took my inspiration from the gallery theme itself and came up with this layout:

Journaling reads:  This is where we spent Christmas in 2009 and 2010, with Grandma and Grandpa Jannuzzi in New Jersey. We were lucky to have a white Christmas both years and our little California boys got to build snowmen, go sledding, and drink hot chocolate after coming inside from the cold. We have so many great memories of our Christmases in New Jersey, and even though we won’t get to visit this year, we hope to visit again sometime in the future.

For the past two years we have gone to visit my in-laws in New Jersey for Christmas.  This year, due to my pregnancy, we aren’t able to make the trip.  While the boys were really disappointed when we gave them this news, they have come around to the idea of having Christmas at home. Of course, we had to convince Gabe that Santa would indeed know where to bring the presents, and that he wouldn’t take them to New Jersey by accident.  He still asks us every now and then to be sure! 

I know the boys will miss a lot of things about having Christmas in New Jersey, including building a snowman with Grandpa Jannuzzi, but I think as we decorate the house more and more in the coming weeks they'll begin to understand that we really can have Christmas in California.  And as I mentioned in the journaling to my layout, we do hope to go back again one day, if they'll have us!  At that point we'll have three rambunctious little boys instead of two, and Christmas will be just a little bit louder. =)

Also, now that December is upon us we've started our December Dailies at WCS

Basically the blogging will be very similar to the summer months and will feature a new collective member each day.  As always, our interests are quite varied and so we'll be covering all sorts of topics from scrapbooking to paper crafting to photography and everything in between.  You'll want to be sure to visit every day; lots of great things in store for you this month.

Finally, on Monday the Ella Friends will be hosting a Christmas card blog hop.  It's going to be lots of fun, so I do hope you'll stop by.  See you then? 

I mean it this time!! =)

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