November 18, 2011

so, about those goals...

First of all, I didn't mean to announce that I was pregnant and then never blog again.  I guess I needed a little break this past weekend, and week, so I took one!  But, I've got a lot that I want to share in the next few weeks and I am going to do my best to juggle all of my commitments and to post regularly through the holiday season.  I really, really am.

So, now then, about those goals.  No, I haven't forgotten about them.  How could I?  They're sitting there in my sidebar staring at me, reminding me of all that I probably won't get done this year.  When I revisited these goals back in January, I could not have foreseen how my how much my life would change in just a few short days.  It's actually a bit difficult to write about this without thinking about that time, and that's probably why I put off writing this post for so long.  I mean, it's mid-November and obviously not everything on this list is going to get done.  For a really large part of this year I merely focused on doing the most basic and necessary things.  Yes, I have still scrapbooked, it's the one extra that I really won't let go.  But all the other stuff?  I just didn't worry about it. 

But most, if not all, of these goals are things that I would like to try at some point.  Just because I don't get them done this year doesn't mean I have failed, or that I can't do them at some point.  In fact, I plan on carrying over some of these goals into the new year.  Another truth is that I often get sidetracked... maybe I didn't get around to doing everything on this list, but I've learned and done a lot in the past year.  I sewed more, I learned new recipes, and I tried to push myself out of some personal and creative comfort zones.  In that way, it has been a good year.

So, here is a brief (or not so brief) update on my goals list:

1. Make mayonnaise from scratch - raw eggs and pregnancy don't mix.  Or at least, I'm not willing to take that chance.  This will be a goal for next year.

3. Learn how to make cannoli - my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I'm going to try to make these for Christmas.  Something we both love about going to New Jersey is getting real, authentic cannoli.  We would have one every night after the boys would go to bed (shhh, don't tell!)  I'm gonna make sure that tradition continues. =)

4. Make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon - gonna have to tell my sweets not to read this post, I plan on making this for his birthday (which is coming up soon) and I'd like for it to be a surprise.

5. Roast a pig with crackling - I did this back in March.  The results were not worth writing about.  In fact, the whole experiment was rather disappointing.  The pork itself was good, but the crackling didn't turn out.  I *think*, but I don't know for sure, that the pork I got must have been much bigger/older than what you need for the recipe and method I was using.  It's not something that I'll likely try again.  You cannot even buy pork with the skin on it in most grocery stores.  The Whole Foods here doesn't sell it nor did any other grocer we called.  We had to go to a specialty butcher shop which was quite a drive away from us to find it.  That part was fun actually, and was about the only good thing that resulted from this goal.

7. Learn how to make creamy egg sauce for donburi - I'm working on this one.  I'll update, someday, with the results and process. 

8. Make gyoza from scratch -  I'm making these for New Year's Eve.  My mom always made lumpia and fried gyoza on New Year's Eve.  I'm thinking we'll start a similar tradition.

10. Make homemade udon - I don't think this is a goal that will get accomplished anytime soon.  In fact, it's off the list for 2012.

11. Make green tea ice cream - I actually made a batch this summer.  The only person who really loved it was Gabe!  I do want to make it again, but with a different recipe.  It will have to wait until next summer though, and then hopefully I'll remember to share the results with you. =)

12. Make miso soup - I'm making this to go with the gyoza on New Year's Eve.

13. Find a recipe for good tempura batter - a goal for next year.

14. Learn more about Indian cooking- I think I can say that I've made progress on this front.  I certainly know more about Indian cooking now than I did at the beginning of the year.  I'm gonna cross it off my list, but I am in no way finished with this one.  There is still so much to learn.

15. Find a recipe I truly like for Chana Masala - I tweaked and simplified this recipe from smitten kitchen, and I am finally happy with my version of Chana Masala.  I'll try to share my modified  version with you at some point.

17. Make Rogan Josh- I've made this with pork, but I'd like to make this with lamb.  I need to find a good supplier though.

20. Make Aloo Gobhi - still haven't found a recipe that I want to try.  At first I thought I would make the recipe from Jamie's Food Revolution, but I don't think that one is going to give me the results I'm looking for based on other Indian inspired recipes I've made from his book.  The search continues.

26. Find a *good* recipe for traditional American-style cinnamon rolls - I'm working on this one too.  I actually made a batch of cinnamon rolls last weekend

using a recipe from Martha Stewart (here is the recipe for the dough, and here is the method and ingredients to make the rolls).  We topped ours with a very simple cream cheese sugar glaze.  The dough in this recipe is not enriched (meaning no eggs, milk, or butter) and so while these buns were very good, they just aren't what I'm looking for.  I'm going to try this recipe next.  Maybe for Christmas morning?

28. Make a quilt - I don't know when this will happen.  I'd like to try to make a small baby quilt for Samuel.  I know that once I get started I will probably find it rather intuitive and wonder why it took me so long to just get to it.  But, I have so many other things that I want/need to do.  I'm a bit on the fence about this one...

30. Submit to Cards magazine - I'm happy to say that I finally did this just last week.  I'm even happier to say that I had two cards picked up for the April 2012 issue!  And because this post needs more photos, here is a card I made recently using one of my favorite collections, 100 Days of Summer

33. Finish reading “The Catholic Homeschool Companion” - While I didn't read the entire book, I have read the chapters/essays that I felt were relevant to our home and situation.  I'm considering this goal accomplished.

Phew!  I finally got this post finished.  I really have been putting it off for some time now (think months).  Don't have too much more to add right now.  I'm looking forward to the weekend.  It's going to be cloudy and cold and I think it will be just right for baking cookies, wearing comfy pants and socks, and getting cozy with all of my boys.  I think some hot cocoa might be in order too.  =)


  1. I make homemade cinnamon rolls from my grandmother's recipe. It takes about 4 hours or so from start to finish (lots of rising time) but if you'd like to try it feel free to e-mail me ( and I'll send it to you. I use a simple milk/powdered sugar/vanilla icing on it.

  2. a wonderful outlook, my dear! And congrats on the submissions to cards magazine!
    you poor left coasters- I've heard there is not much to speak of in the Italian food department. One thing my cousins were so thrilled about moving back to the east coast was the plethora of wonderful Italian eateries and in Pittsburgh, we have the "Strip" district. A wonderful place to buy any nationality of food you need to make anything your heart desires (or craves)!

    I've yet to make cinnamon rolls, but I do hope to get over that soon enough...


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