November 2, 2011

catching up

These days it seems as though I am always behind.  Life has been so busy for us lately and there is so much to share, but I feel like there is simply not enough time to share it.  For example, we've had three doctor's appointments within the last six days.  No, no one is sick.  But maybe you can get the idea?  Things are just not quite normal and it's taking a little bit of a toll.  I typically blog at night, after the boys have gone to bed.  Lately, by the time the evening comes I am completely worn out.  So, today is my attempt to catch-up a little.  And as always, it's easiest to catch-up on the scrapbooking front, so that's what I'm gonna do.

This week has been my turn to host the blog at Write.Click.Scrapbook.  I started off on Monday with a compilation post of the collective's favorite Halloween layouts and crafts.  A great post to visit if you're looking for some inspiration for those recent photos of trick-or-treating.  The rest of the week I'm looking at projects that challenge or inspire you to scrapbook your year.  On day one we covered Project 12 and Project 365.  Day two was all about Project Life and the Document Project.  I asked some of my favorite scrapbookers to help with this week's posts.  It's been really interesting to see how they all tackle these various projects and make them their own.

Also, a new gallery went up yesterday

Here is my contribution

Nathan just turned three in September, and while we have thought of him as our baby for so long, the reality is, he is turning into such a big boy.  And goodness, you should hear the things he says!  He sort of knows already how to be a clown.  I have scrapbooked lots of photos from his first days, but I have never scrapbooked this photo, his very first. I thought given this month's gallery theme and the timing of his recent birthday that this was a good opportunity to finally use this photo, and write down a few thoughts about how quickly the time seems to pass and how much we love this little boy.

Tomorrow is at WCS, and then on Friday I'll be back to finish up my week of blogging.  I'm also planning a five for Friday post here.  I'm thinking you won't want to miss that one. =)

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