November 23, 2011

are you ready?

Here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving day, are you ready?  I am, for the most part.  I've been commanded by a certain someone to, "take it easy."  It seems to be one of his favorite phrases these days.  Thing is, I don't really like to take it easy, I like to get things done.  This same someone even suggested that I not make pie for tomorrow!!  He's obviously lost his mind.

I think I promised a while back that I'd do a better job of sharing my monthly pages and projects with you.  Here is a simple last minute card idea, in case you need one:

{supply list}
The floral paper is from Crate Paper's Farmhouse collection and it's called, Countryside

I think it is so pretty, and it's one of my favorite patterns this fall.  I love the color combination of blue, orange, green, and red.

Finally, because Advent is right around the corner, and it is the season of getting ready, I wanted to link to two of my favorite posts on the topic.  The first is one from Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter, which I linked to last year, on the wonder of Advent and how to instill some of that in our homes.  The second is from Karen Edmisten and is a continuation of her no-panic Advent series.  It's a huge post with lots of links, ideas and resources and I just love it.  I think you might too, which is why I'm sharing it with you!

We got out the Advent wreath last week to make sure we knew where it was, and I tried to get candles this week, but the place where I bought them last year didn't have them this year.  So, this weekend I've got to find some.  If I can't find colored ones, I'll just go with cream like I have in the past.  I really try not to stress about these things.

Until next time...

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  1. love the Karen Edmisten post- hadn't seen that. AND I did make her St. Lucy bread last year. Delicious and so pretty! not too sweet, in my opinion.


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