November 30, 2011

always in motion

I hope that all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving and weekend.  We did.  We had grand plans of painting the guest room, but that didn't happen.  Instead we enjoyed a whole lot of being lazy.  I have spent the last couple of days making up for that in the laundry room!  But fortunately for me, I had worked ahead before Thanksgiving so it wasn't all bad.

Last year I only took one photo all day on Thanksgiving.  The one that I scrapbooked in the post below.  This year was pretty much the same.  I took this one of Nathan stirring the custard for the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving morning:

We all worked together to make the pie this year.  I made the crust and Glen and the boys made the filling.  Since it was just the four of us, and it has been that way for several years now, I take a very relaxed approach to making Thanksgiving dinner.  So, yes, we made the pie the morning of Thanksgiving and when it was done, in went the turkey. =)

Notice Nathan's hand is blurred from stirring.  This little guy never stops moving.  Never.  (Well, he's actually a very peaceful sleeper, but that's about the only time he is still). He never stops talking either.  It is an interesting experience to have a child who is nothing like yourself.  It's like I said a prayer for patience and instead of giving me a moment to practice that virtue, God gave me a person.  But oh boy, is he cute.

The December gallery will go live tomorrow at Write.Click.Scrapbook., and I'll be back then to share my layout with you for this month.  Right now, it's twenty minutes until the last episode of Whitechapel.  I'm gonna go make myself a cup of decaf tea, pretend it's the real thing, and get cozy under a blanket to enjoy the season finale.  See you tomorrow!

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  1. Donna- that is the most profound line ever "It's like I said a prayer for patience and instead of giving me a moment to practice that virtue, God gave me a person." - I have at least one of those ;)
    I made 3 pies Thanksgiving Day. silly me. I should have made the apple the night before. I always, always underestimate how long it takes to peel, core and slice the apples. PUmpkin and Pecan take no time at all though.
    Did you use the Williams Sonoma crust recipe? It's great, isn't it?
    Funny, I take very few Thanksgiving pics every year and it's always the one of my mom taking the turkey out and getting ready to slice it! I guess I really, really want to remember that every year ;)

    blessings for a happy, holy Advent!


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