October 25, 2011

my favorite weather and some Halloween cards

The last two days we've seen a drop in the temperatures around here.  Nothing major, I'd say about 10 degrees.  Still, it's been cooler and a bit cloudy and it's allowed us to at least pretend it's fall. =)

Gabe came to me this morning and told me that this is his, "favorite kind of weather."  I asked him to explain what he meant and he said that he loved it when it was kind of cold, but not too cold, and the sun is not out and so it doesn't get hot.  All said with a smile on his face.  I promised him I'd let them play outside this morning so they could enjoy this cool front while it lasts (temperatures are predicted to go back up on Thursday).  Schoolwork will wait until the afternoon; we just don't get many days like this 'round here.

With Halloween less than a week away I thought I'd share some cards I made for scrapbook.com.  Actually, two cards and a gift tag, all made using the Nightfall collection from American Crafts:

{supply list}
{supply list}
{supply list}

We don't really celebrate Halloween in our house; my husband and I are just not all that into this particular holiday.  But we do participate, in that we let the boys dress up and go trick-or-treating.  And I realize that some of my readers are going to understand what I'm talking about, and some of you won't, that's okay.  Basically, we focus on the Seinfeldian aspect of Halloween - the part where you "get candy."  That, and the pretending to be anything you want for one day.  For us it's all about the fun.  And with that thought, I can't wait to share the boys' costumes with you.  One was completely store-bought (or Amazon-bought actually), and the other is still in production.  My husband and I are as excited as the boys... they are going to be so cute!

Until next time! =)

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