October 4, 2011

Fall in California

is not like fall in other parts of the country.

For example, when we went apple picking a couple of weeks back, the highlight of our trip was not the apples,

it was finding wild blackberries.

In mid-September.  And oh my, this one did not want to stop eating them.  Look at his little berry juice stained hands!  Notice too that the boys are wearing shorts, t-shirts, sandals and sunhats.  Sunscreen was also applied, but you can't see that.

We had a lot of fun on this trip, but first we had to adjust our attitudes.  Yes, even mommy.  You see, before we arrived we had read online that the apple crop wasn't that great this year.  But based on the apple crop at this same farm last year we thought that it couldn't possibly be that bad.  We were so wrong.  There were not many apples to pick at all, and it was disappointing.  We had gone with the idea that we would pick lots of apples and top-off our box with a couple of pounds of pears.  We all had to realize that this trip would not be like last year's. 

The good news?  The pear crop was amazing.  Once we adjusted our expectations and realized that we could have just as much fun picking pears as picking apples then we all cheered up,

Last year we went to the orchards in early October and the pears at the bottoms of the trees had already been picked.  This year Gabe at least was tall enough to reach them (most of them, some of the trees are quite big).  Nathan however, needed a little help

He loved picking the pears and was much gentler with the fruit this year.  Minding my instructions to place the pears in the bushel box without throwing them

Isn't he a cutie?  We think so. =)

Growing up in South Texas I never went apple picking or even visited a pumpkin patch.  Fall was decidedly different from the rest of the country there too.  I think that one of the blessings of living here in California is that we have access to so many great farms.  So, even if we don't get to wear sweaters and sip hot apple cider at the orchard, we can still go and enjoy the harvest, it's just a slightly different experience.  Of course, the boys don't even fully realize yet that our fall adventures are a little different from the ones we read about in our storybooks.  They had a blast, and in the end, that is all that matters.

Until next time. =)

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  1. I think most of the storybooks about fall are written by people who live in the north! I grew up in the south, but still thought it should feel like fall in September, and that I should be able to wear my new "back to school" sweaters and jeans my mom picked up for me at the sales before school started back. I remember many a hot September afternoon baking on the school bus in my fall clothes!

    I have never picked apples in my life - lots of peaches and strawberries, though. So glad you got lots of pears to make up for the lack of apples!


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