September 16, 2011

five on Friday

Here is a five on Friday post to give you a little glimpse of life around here these days.  I don't want to sound cliche, but it seems that these boys are growing up so very fast.  Everyday these boys are getting bigger, learning new words, playing new games... the list goes on.
1.  It doesn't happen often, but every now and then Gabe requests something very specific for lunch.  Last week, after I had finished making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, he asked for noodles with cheese inside (that's what we call tortellini), with peas and salami - cut up.  Sometimes I roll the salami and put it on these decorative toothpicks that I bought at the Japanese dollar store (they have little animal faces and are super-adorable).  Other times, I cut it into pieces and mix it in with the pasta.  Anyhow, I granted his wish the next day:

He told me it was perfect.

2.  Every now and then Gabe also asks to do something quite impossible.  Like at the moment, he wants to make maple syrup.  I told him that maple trees don't grow here.  If they do, I have never seen one.  He said that we should go to the place where they grow.  Makes sense, right?  Anyhow, he is obsessed with this idea, and asks us every Saturday when we have pancakes, "When can we make maple syrup?" *sigh*

3.  The other day we did something fun together, something easy and entirely possible.  We made homemade ricotta:

What's funny is that Gabe didn't like it.  I did change the recipe a bit and I think that if I had followed it exactly he may have liked it more.  The recipe we were using, if followed exactly, creates a very rich and dense ricotta.  I was looking for yield rather than texture, and while I did achieve that goal, it made for a ricotta with a more traditional texture and not so creamy.  It was however, perfect in the lasagna I made that night.  Next on my to-make list, homemade mascarponeI will report back.

4.  Someone is finally learning how to put their shoes on by themselves.  He resisted even attempting to do this himself for quite some time:

And it's hard.  But we just take them off and try again.

5.  Someone is also transitioning from taking a nap to not taking a nap.  This transition has been going on for a couple of months now.  Most of the time he does fine, aside from some grumpiness at dinnertime.  Other times, he just can't quite make it:

Just to let you know, he woke up complaining that his legs hurt.  Perhaps, given that information, it is mean of me, but I can't help but laugh at these pictures.  He can be such a silly boy.

Well, there you have it, a little round-up our our recent daily adventures.  I hope you are enjoying your Friday, wherever you are.  Until next time.  =)


  1. The nap picture is hilarious! I have a couple of those, but I think yours tops mine! It's great!

  2. Love your photogrpaphy Donna. Your little boy sleep/standing is so cute. My guy still does this and he's 6. Ricotta looks outstanding :)

  3. Love the photos - especially of your little guy sleeping standing up! It reminded me of a photo I took some years ago of my guy (who's now 17) when he was transitioning out of napping - he fell asleep on his stomach with his head on the plastic dinosaur he was playing with and his feet up in the air! By the way he also complained that his legs hurt afterwards! lol

  4. The nap and shoe photos are simply too sweet.

  5. looks like a lot of fun stuff! Love the nap photo:)


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