July 6, 2011

sort of addicted

A few weeks ago I came across a post on The Pioneer Woman for a recipe for perfect iced coffee.  I honestly have no idea how I got there because I am not a regular reader of her site.  I think I found my way there via Pinterest, following a photography link and then was completely distracted by a lovely picture of coffee in the sidebar.  I made a batch that very weekend and fell in love with coffee all over again. 

I should say that this is not really a recipe so much as an outline of a technique.  It's a cold brew method and it produces a finished beverage with the most amazing velvety smooth coffee flavor that almost tastes as if you've added chocolate to your drink.  She also linked to an article from Imbibe magazine which goes into the details of hot vs. cold brew methods when it comes to making iced coffee (for someone who likes to understand the why of something, this was an interesting read).  The two methods produce slightly different final products each with their own unique flavors.  I learned that the cold brew method produces coffee with a much lower level of acidity too, 67% less.  We drink a coffee that is already low-acid, so that has never been an issue for me, but fascinating nonetheless and it makes sense given what I already knew about brewing hot coffee.

The only problem with finding this recipe is that for a couple of weeks I was drinking a little too much coffee.  I love coffee, but I also like to sleep at night, and it was keeping me up (I already have a hard time shutting off my brain at night).  So, I'm switching to decaf.  I'll have my regular hot coffee in the morning (fully caffeinated please!), and then a glass of iced coffee in the afternoon.  Sure, it won't give me that sometimes-much-needed afternoon pick-me-up, but at least I'll be able to sleep at night.  In fact, I have my first batch of decaf brewing as I type.  Tomorrow I'll be able to get back to my habit.

And I can hardly wait. =)


  1. I just posted this recipe on my Tumblr too, Donna--I can't wait to try it. Did you buy the big container to make it or use something else? I am containerless, though I do have the ground coffee purchased and ready. I love, love iced coffee.

  2. I just made half of a recipe. Her recipe uses 8 quarts of water which translates into almost 2 gallons of coffee (some of the water will be absorbed by the grounds, a lot actually) and I just don't have that kind of room in my refrigerator. I use my biggest mixing bowl to do the brewing step and then bought a pitcher for the finished coffee. Yes, I bought a container just for this. You'll want to because it will only smell of coffee once you use it for this purpose, unless what you have is glass.

    Was that answer long enough?! Can you tell I'm obsessed? =)


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