July 13, 2011

our strawberry picking adventure in photos... and a few words

You'll have to forgive my lack of blogging this week.  I've been feeling a bit under the weather and I just haven't had the inclination to post much of anything.  But, participating in {pretty, happy, funny, real} is easy enough (when I remember to do it!) and so I thought I'd share a few photos from our recent strawberry picking adventure.  In no particular order:

Gabe is so very choosy about which berries are worthy of picking.  
Here he is showing-off one of his excellent choices.  

While at the farm, we split up and daddy took Nathan duties.  
When we met back up his bucket was full and he was so proud and happy to carry this bucket all by himself.

The only photo I could manage to get of the two of them together.  
Gabe is not even looking into the camera. *sigh*

On the way home... berry picking is hard work, he even felt the need to remove his sandals!  So cute though, to see his sweaty little head. =)

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  1. Great post! You're a wonderful photographer and your boys are really cute!

  2. I love your photos! Looks like you had a great time :)

  3. I have never picked berries myself. Looks like a great experience to have with the kids.

  4. Oh, your boys are cute!
    Berry-picking is a fun family outing. We did blueberries last year, but it has been too hot this year. So when I found strawberries at the market for 99 cents a pound, I got 8 lbs and decided to skip the picking this year!

  5. Nadja, 99 cents a pound is a great price! Berry picking is an expensive enterprise to be sure, but the boys love it and we only go once a year. We figure it is worth the splurge. And lucky for us, this farm is right on the coast so it is always really lovely there even in the middle of summer. =)

  6. Sweaty, sour summer heads! I love those - and I love getting them clean and sweet smelling again.

    Strawberry picking around here is all done in a greenhouse, which is why we get strawberries in the stores in the winter and early spring. After all these years I still haven't gotten used to that, and still think of them as a summer fruit!

  7. lucky girl.... I love the pic of the 2 boys together. it gets harder getting them ALL to look! ;) We're going to try and go blueberry picking sometime soon.

  8. Looks like such a fun adventure, Donna!

  9. ps- glad you liked the pie! isn't that crust so super easy and amazing! loved it, too! hoping to get blueberries today at the farm!

  10. What sweet photos (pun intended!) We love to berry pick here in NJ but we have to do it late May/early June. Always a great photo op but then I never know what to do with all the berries! Thanks for sharing, Donna - hope you are feeling better :)


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