June 30, 2011

our summer mornings

Last week I shared my pretty.  This week I'm going with happy, funny and real, although not necessarily in any kind of order.  Think of this as the summer edition, so far. =)  Our morning routine this summer has consisted of going outside immediately after breakfast, before it gets too hot, to play and play and play.  Of course, sometimes you have to take a break, and Otter Pops are always good for breaks:

After we've sufficiently released our wiggles, we come inside for lunch.  But first, we have to wash our hands:

Gabe washes his hands by himself in the bathroom, and Nathan gets to wash them at the kitchen sink.  Which, if you can see by that little smile on his face, he enjoys very much.  And yes, if you look closely you will see just how very dirty they get playing out there.  Most of the time one wash is not enough.

After lunch we read stories, do a craft, maybe watch a show, put on every accessible rosary:


He was so proud of himself.  We have some rosaries which are set aside just for the boys.  Nathan loves them, as you can see. =)

So far our summer has been made up of a mix of things and our day-to-day has been very unplanned, but I think we might have hit a wall.  I may need to do a little more planning as we look ahead to the rest of the summer.  If you have any good links for indoor/outdoor activities/crafts will you share them with me?

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round button chicken


  1. Love that enjoyment on his face! Enjoy!

  2. they'd get along so well with my twins. They're the dirtiest little boys I've ever met. They can be covered in dirt in 2 seconds FLAT! ha! I have the teeniest little patch of earth for them to dig in and yet, daily, they are covered head to toe in that dirt! love little boys.


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