June 27, 2011

our neighbor's lemon tree

Our neighbor has several lemon and orange trees in her backyard; this is just one of them.  The one that happens to extend just slightly over our side of the fence, but no complaints from me!  It is so pretty to look at in the summer, full of fruit.  She is very generous with us and during the summer she shares bags and bags of her lemons and oranges.  I often don't quite know what to do with them all (besides admire how gorgeous they are sitting in a bowl on my kitchen counter).  Then, a couple of weeks back, I saw that Wendy had made a pie and I knew that I needed to make one too.  The same one, with strawberries

{Oh, the strawberries are so amazing this time of year!} 

and lemons, 

And...unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the finished pie.  I know.  I started the pie-making process in the evening and didn't finish until after lunch the next day.  By the time I finished topping the pie, with whipped cream instead of meringue, everyone just wanted to taste it already and I didn't care about taking a photo. =)  It was delicious, by the way, and I know I will make it again. 

The only problem is that the recipe calls for approximately 4 lemons, and I only needed two (I didn't mention that these lemons are huge!)  So, I barely made a dent in our lemon stash and still have quite a few remaining.  Any ideas?  Do you have a favorite lemon recipe?  Share it with me if you do!


  1. I have the perfect lemonade recipe. You can make it without fail, and it turns out every single time:

    1.5 cups lemon juice (anywhere between 5-8 lemons usually)
    1.5 cups sugar
    11 cups water
    Mix, chill

    That's it. : ) My best friend and I worked one summer to come up with the perfect no-fail measurements.

  2. I like to put a slice of fresh lemon in my ice water! I think I'm going to have to try Elizabeth's lemonade recipe, it sounds delicious and a great way to use up lemons from my lemon tree (although mine doesn't produce nearly what your neighbor's does!!)

  3. I'm so glad you shared your recipe with me, Elizabeth. Just the other day Gabe suggested we make lemonade. I think we'll finish up these lemons tomorrow! =)

    Brenda, my neighbor's tree is insane, and that's not her only one. She will literally bring over a grocery bag full of lemons and oranges then will tell us that if we ever need more to just ask!

  4. I think Cooking Light had some recipes with Meyer Lemons a couple months ago. You might check their site.

    I love fruit photos!

  5. Thanks Jennifer, I actually have a subscription to Cooking Light but I haven't been keeping up with them lately. I'll have to check my mail pile and see if I can find the issue you are talking about. =)

  6. Oh! That sounds lovely. I love, love, love citrus and here in Utah the thought of a lemon or orange tree sounds magical. Here are a couple of my favorite lemon recipes, sorry to just post the url instead of link but I can't figure out how to do a link in blogspot! ;)

    lemon chicken: http://amysorensen.typepad.com/the_english_geek/2007/02/two_recipes_qui.html
    (this turns out very UGLY but it is delicious!)

    lemon icebox dessert:
    (scroll down past the picture for the recipe. Also, you can make this with lime or orange juice instead of lemon)

    and for when you get some fresh oranges, orange creamsicle cookies:
    (although it only uses the orange zest, you can still just eat the zested orange!)

  7. Thanks for the recipes Amy, laughing at the Everybody Loves Raymond reference! =)

    The lemon icebox pie is very similar to the recipe I linked to above, except that yours is a refrigerator pie and the one above is a baked custard-like pie. Sounds heavenly though and I think we'll have to try it before the summer is out.

  8. I have always wanted to try making lemon curd (a British custard like dessert spread). I see posts about it around the blog world, but alas, the only lemons we get around here are imported, thus expensive, and covered in chemicals, so I've never tried it.

    Here's a recipe from Joy of Baking http://www.joyofbaking.com/LemonCurd.html

    A good old pitcher of lemon aid sounds really good to me right now, though!


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