June 2, 2011

no hills

I had mentioned several weeks ago that May was going to be a busy month.  My parents came into town for a few days in mid-May and after that we headed out on a short holiday.  Yes, the reason I haven't posted much the last two weeks is because, I haven't been around!  We were here

{a typically cloudy day}

And now, I know what some of you might be thinking.  Seattle might not seem like the most exciting place to go on vacation (at least this is the impression I got from others whenever I happened to mention that we were going on vacation, to Seattle), but it has a special place in our hearts since it's where my sweets and I went on our honeymoon.  And again, I know it doesn't seem like the most exciting place to go for a honeymoon...  I'll just say that we got married while we were both still in grad school and flights plus accommodation were cheap.  We had fun and have very fond memories of our time there!

I won't go into all of the details of our trip now, I just thought I'd share a few photos with you.

{ready for where the road, or um, his parents take him}

{no trip to Seattle is complete without a visit to the market}

 {or without drinking lots of coffee}

The day after we returned from Seattle we were having dinner at our kitchen table and Gabe mentioned that he was happy for everything to be "back to normal."  I asked him if he liked our adventure and he said that he did, but he added, "Next time, no hills."

Ha!  I wonder what would make him say that?!

We had a wonderful time on our holiday.  It was good to get away from work and chores (and scrapbooking deadlines) even if just for a short while.  And I will admit that while traveling with children is not the same as traveling alone, there is work involved, it was still very restful and restorative.  Since we've been back I've been trying to get things in order, get back into our groove, and I'm looking forward to summer.

What are you looking forward to?  Are you going on holiday or do you have something else special planned?  I always love to hear from those of you who are reading, stop and say hi if you have the time.  Until next time, God bless.


  1. Love the "no hills" comment, too funny! Glad you had a fun trip! I went to Seattle a few years ago with my family and loved it!

  2. The title is hilarious. We went there a couple years ago, a very special trip. This summer it's the Black Hills for us, maybe with a new dog!

  3. Too funny about the "no hills". I can totally understand wanting to vacation in Seattle - we love traveling there from Southern California for vacation, it's one of our favorite places and we too get strange looks when we tell people that!

  4. Seattle is a great place to vacation to! Love it there and I can totally relate to the steep streets. It's definitely something we still talk about!

  5. Well, I'm glad to hear that we are not the only ones who love it there! We really did have a lot of fun.


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