May 15, 2011

well, since you brought it up

It's been two weeks since the May gallery went live at Write.Click.Scrapbook., and I've yet to share my page with you here.  I've been meaning to do it, but just hadn't got around to it yet.  My friend Christina's comment on my last post though has given me the perfect reason to share it with you now.  You see, she just learned that we go to In-N-Out every Sunday after mass.  And apparently it's been 4 years since she last had a burger there.  Four years is much too long to go without a burger from In-N-Out.  If, or when we ever leave California I am quite certain that our family will go into In-N-Out withdrawal.  Just today while we were eating Gabe said, "Isn't In-N-Out great?"  Yes, Gabe, it is; we couldn't agree more.  Oh, and Christina, is it mean to say that I was thinking of you as I enjoyed my cheeseburger (no onions, mustard instead of the spread and pickles)?  It was delicious. =)

So why all this talk of In-N-Out?  Well, it's because my page design for this month's gallery layout was inspired by an advertisement for the In-N-Out Burger Foundation.  When you eat there at the restaurant your food comes in a little red tray, and inside the tray is a paper liner.  For the month of April, when the foundation does their fund drive, the paper liner looked like this

and I thought it would make a great design for a scrapbook layout.  So before we left I asked for a clean one.  I'm pretty sure they thought I was crazy.

The theme for this month's gallery was Everydaily.  Basically, a day in the life, but everydaily sounds more fun, don't you think?  Here is my layout

Journaling reads:  In one day we: went for a walk around our neighborhood, played with our cars and had races, enjoyed oranges from our neighbor’s trees, did laundry, put all the winter pjs away and replaced them with the summer ones, ate lots of yummy food including popcorn which we shared while watching a movie, made food bags for the homeless, checked email, took baths, had an all-around great & amazing day. April 15, 2011

Let's see, before I go I also wanted to share sticker pictures that Gabe and Nathan made while we waited for our order.  Nathan calls his "stickos," and likes to make the cars crash.  If you were there you'd get to experience the sound effects too

Here is Gabe's

As you can see, he likes things to make a little more sense.  Oh, and he always has the woman holding the flowers.  Which is just too sweet.

Alright, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day with my family and hopefully do lots and lots of nothing.


  1. {insert sound effect of tongue between lips making that raspberry-ish sound}

    well. glad you enjoyed your burger today and thought of ME! lol

    I love that flyer and probably would have saved it, too to be inspired later.

    I bought a bathing suit the other day b/c it reminded me of a scrapbook page I made once (and I really like that page!)

    us creatives find inspiration EVERYWHERE.... I'll share this with my cousins who are in California this week visiting one another. maybe THEY, too, will have an IN n Out burger in my honor! ;)

  2. Love your layout and the design inspiration! Fun! Enjoy the family time:)


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