May 31, 2011

look who's celebrating their second birthday...

Join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Write.Click.Scrapbook

For my part, it's been an amazing experience to be a member of the collective.  I am always learning something new and I am constantly inspired by the creativity and talents of my teammates.  The readers of WCS are pretty amazing too! 

Thank you so much to Marnie, Tina and Elizabeth for creating Write.Click.Scrapbook. and this wonderful community of scrapbookers.  I love being part of a group where the story is celebrated and where simple is stunning!

May 27, 2011

sketch number four... a few days late

A new sketch went up on Monday in the 

Just as a reminder, Fiskars is sponsoring this month's Stretch Your Sketches Challenge!

So in addition to winning a free copy of my eBook Stretch Your Sketches, the winner of this month's challenge will also win this prize

It features the large and extra large cloud punches from Fiskars. It also includes corresponding cloud stamps from Studio Calico, exclusive Studio Calico patterned papers and a mix of spring-themed papers and embellishments.

I want to share the layout that I made from this week's sketch

Journaling reads:  One of your favorite things to wear are these fireman boots.  Lately, it seems that playtime just isn't the same without them.  Usually you can also be seen carrying Blue and Lightning McQueen, but on this day you opted for your light-up egg spin-y thing-y that you got for Easter.  May 4, 2011 

Visit The Daily Trumpet to see the sketch that inspired the layout

Joining me this week in the challenge is fellow Ella Friend, Francine Clouden.

Francine hails from the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada and has been making cards since 2001 and scrapbooking since 2002.  Scrapbooking and other paper crafts are her creative outlet. She loves kraft cardstock, graphic patterned papers, buttons, chipboard, stamps and vintage book pages. She doesn’t mind getting her fingers covered in ink and paint, and will try just about any technique once! Her pages reflect her daily life, travel, thoughts and dreams and random moments. She is also an avid amateur photographer, and you will rarely find her without her trusted Canon 350D. She recently started playing with pixels as well as paper and glue and is now hooked!  Her work has been published in major magazines such as Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Trends.  In addition to being a 2011 Ella Friend, she is also the Scrapbooking editor on Craft Gossip, part of the collective at Write.Click.Scrapbook, and designs for Banana Frog, Design House Digital and Little Black Dress.

Francine currently lives in France with her husband Lucas, their son Kieran, their cats Mozaique and NaĆ¢la, and blogs almost daily at Callaloo Soup.  Please visit the Daily Trumpet to see the adorable layout that Francine made using this week's sketch!

And I hope you will join in the fun too!

May 15, 2011

well, since you brought it up

It's been two weeks since the May gallery went live at Write.Click.Scrapbook., and I've yet to share my page with you here.  I've been meaning to do it, but just hadn't got around to it yet.  My friend Christina's comment on my last post though has given me the perfect reason to share it with you now.  You see, she just learned that we go to In-N-Out every Sunday after mass.  And apparently it's been 4 years since she last had a burger there.  Four years is much too long to go without a burger from In-N-Out.  If, or when we ever leave California I am quite certain that our family will go into In-N-Out withdrawal.  Just today while we were eating Gabe said, "Isn't In-N-Out great?"  Yes, Gabe, it is; we couldn't agree more.  Oh, and Christina, is it mean to say that I was thinking of you as I enjoyed my cheeseburger (no onions, mustard instead of the spread and pickles)?  It was delicious. =)

So why all this talk of In-N-Out?  Well, it's because my page design for this month's gallery layout was inspired by an advertisement for the In-N-Out Burger Foundation.  When you eat there at the restaurant your food comes in a little red tray, and inside the tray is a paper liner.  For the month of April, when the foundation does their fund drive, the paper liner looked like this

and I thought it would make a great design for a scrapbook layout.  So before we left I asked for a clean one.  I'm pretty sure they thought I was crazy.

The theme for this month's gallery was Everydaily.  Basically, a day in the life, but everydaily sounds more fun, don't you think?  Here is my layout

Journaling reads:  In one day we: went for a walk around our neighborhood, played with our cars and had races, enjoyed oranges from our neighbor’s trees, did laundry, put all the winter pjs away and replaced them with the summer ones, ate lots of yummy food including popcorn which we shared while watching a movie, made food bags for the homeless, checked email, took baths, had an all-around great & amazing day. April 15, 2011

Let's see, before I go I also wanted to share sticker pictures that Gabe and Nathan made while we waited for our order.  Nathan calls his "stickos," and likes to make the cars crash.  If you were there you'd get to experience the sound effects too

Here is Gabe's

As you can see, he likes things to make a little more sense.  Oh, and he always has the woman holding the flowers.  Which is just too sweet.

Alright, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day with my family and hopefully do lots and lots of nothing.

May 10, 2011

sketch number three

A new sketch went up yesterday in the

I am so happy to announce that Fiskars is sponsoring this month's Stretch Your Sketches Challenge!

So in addition to winning a free copy of my eBook Stretch Your Sketches, the winner of this month's challenge will also win this prize

It features the large and extra large cloud punches from Fiskars. It also includes corresponding cloud stamps from Studio Calico, exclusive Studio Calico patterned papers and a happy mix of spring-themed papers and embellishments.

Isn't that a great prize?

I want to share the layout that I made from this week's sketch

Journaling reads:  We are fortunate to live so close to such an amazing zoo and since we have a membership we can go several times a year.  You boys love seeing the animals but your favorites are the monkeys and the giraffes.

We have been to the zoo many times since first moving to the San Diego area four years ago and this is the first layout I've made of any trip.  It was about time don't you think?! 

Visit The Daily Trumpet to see the sketch that inspired the layout.  I also want to note that this month because of Spring Training the sketches will be posted on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. The schedule will return to normal next month with sketches being posted every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from June through September. For those who are new to the series you can read more about it here.

Joining me this week in the challenge is fellow Ella Friend, Jenni Hufford.  The layout she made from the sketch this week is so fun and colorful.  I love Jenni's style - be sure to visit the blog to see her layout!  Ever since Junior High School, Jenni Hufford has enjoyed cutting and pasting pictures into memory books and collages (even if it was magazine pictures of her favorite 90210 characters) . It wasn't until the birth of her first child in 2006 that she began fully creating layouts and scrapbooking.

Jenni lives in Indianapolis, IN and is married to Todd. She is a stay at home mother to Jonah James (5 years) and Jordan Nicole (3 years). She enjoys applying the creative aspect of scrapbooking into every day activities with her family. In addition to scrapbooking Jenni's hobbies include photography, cooking, blogging, traveling with her husband, and spending time with her close knit extended family and friends.

She currently designs for Lily Bee Design and for Ella Publishing.  You can visit her blog at:  the {Hufford House} 

I do hope you will join in the fun!  There were a lot of great entries last month and I always love seeing how different people interpret my sketches.  Don't forget to grab a button for your own blog using the code below:

 I can't wait to see your layouts! =)

May 9, 2011

it's a good day

Did you have a happy Mother's Day?  I did.  Actually, my sweets made sure that I had a not just a great day, but a great weekend.  It was lovely.

{The carnations the boys bought for me after mass.}

I know it's been a bit quiet around here.  Yes, I had a wonderful weekend, but it was not without its sorrows too.  Mother's Day will always mean something different to me now because of Michael.  I do miss him.  How could I not?  Some days are still harder than others.  Actually, if I were being completely forthcoming I would tell you that some weeks are still harder than others.  But I know that Michael hears my prayers and intercedes for me.  He has been able to bring me comfort in moments when I truly needed it.  I love my sweet and precious boy.

Towards the end of last week the boys started to come down with colds; me too.  We are all feeling better now - thankfully, because this week will be another busy one.  But again, in a fun way.  My parents are coming to visit and I have more than a few things to get done before they get here.  The boys are so excited to see their grandma and grandpa.  From Texas.  Gabe is always very sure to tell anyone who shows even the slightest bit of interest that he has two grandmas and two grandpas and that one grandma and grandpa live in Texas and his other grandma and grandpa live in New Jersey.  And you have to take an airplane to see them.  Because New Jersey is far away (so is Texas of course, but he hasn't been there since he was a baby).  It's endearing the way the he talks about them; he loves them so much. 

I'll just share one last thing before I go, this photo of Gabe holding the newspaper he and Glen made for me. 

Can you guess who is who in that little drawing?  I'll give you a clue, I have naturally curly hair. =)  This one thing alone pretty much made my day. 

Well, I need to get to that to-do list.  I'm sort of looking forward to it.  I know.  I'm strange.  I actually enjoy cleaning.  Well, sometimes. =)

Until next time, God bless.

May 3, 2011

don't need to know where I'm going...

just need to know where I've been.  Who knew that Mater was a philosopher?  Well, it's been a little too long since my last post.  Meaning that I keep hoping to write and post something, and then I get distracted and never get around to it.  I had hoped to find some kind of balance for my blog, but I don't think that May is going to be the month I find it!  We've got an eventful few weeks ahead of us, and it's just going to be a little busier than usual.  It's going to be a fun month though, looking forward to all of our upcoming adventures. =)

Before things get a little crazy, we'll be enjoying this spring weather of ours.  Spring is always much too short around here.  My husband asked me if it was going to get hotter? Um, yes, of course. It's not really hot yet. It's warm to be sure, but we haven't had to turn the AC on so far.  And I'm personally not in a hurry to get to those days.  In the meantime, we're playing outside and having our own little close-to-home backyard adventures

I have no idea what Nathan is doing with that sprinkler, maybe using it as a rocket launcher?  Who knows?!

You should see their sweaty little heads when they come back inside.  So cute.  And they always smell like wet little puppy dogs too. =)

As for myself, I'm trying not to look too far ahead.  Trying to focus on what is going on in the moment, now.  Putting my trust in God, or at least attempting to and keeping this verse in mind

Have no anxiety about anything;
but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
let your requests be made known to God. 
Philippians 4:6

I've been scrapbooking a lot.  Keeping my mind and hands busy doing something that brings me a measure of joy.  I do love this hobby so very much. 

I've been blogging at Write.Click.Scrapbook. the last couple of days as part of our cross-training efforts for Ella's Spring Training.  We're in week 2 and there are still loads of fun challenges and prizes up for grabs at The Daily Trumpet.  I did want to remind you that you don't have to be registered for the classes to participate in the challenges and be eligible for the prizes.  The prizes last week were incredible and this week will be no different.

I hope your week is off to a good start.  What has your spring been like?  Is it warming-up where you are or is it still showing signs of winter?  Any plans for summer?  I want to hear from you!  I know you're out there. =)  Maybe just drop a note to say hello?

Until next time, God bless! =)


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