April 26, 2011

Spring Training, Day 2

Today is the second day of Ella's Spring Training 2011.  The topic for today focuses on single-sentence journaling.  As Angie points out, sometimes writing less is more difficult than writing more.  Stop by The Daily Trumpet to see part of the training video and to view the challenge for today.

While we're on the topic of journaling, I want to share two layouts that I recently made.  The photos on both of these layouts were taken on the same day at about the same time; maybe within a 30 minute period of our day.  My boys were pretending to be superheroes and were wearing some baby blankets as capes.  Can I tell you how precious this was?  I can't.  It's one of those things we get to experience as moms, the innocence and imagination of childhood, and for me at least, I often find it difficult to put into words.  I chose to make two separate layouts to tell the story of these moments. 

The first layout features Nathan and very little journaling.  I wanted the photos to speak for themselves because I do think they capture a bit of his playful personality.  This little boy is just so full of life.  He does everything all-out, no holding back.  He has no fear!  And I loved how in one short time period he could go from being quite serious and standing still - letting me take a photo - and then in the next moment, he's flying.

I absolutely love it!

The journaling reads:  all you need to take flight, a baby blanket & a little imagination

I love how these boys can use the simple things around the house to create new worlds and new adventures for themselves.

In the next layout, I wanted to feature photos of both Gabe and Nathan together.  Believe or not, and well actually you have to believe it - I have photographic evidence! =)  They stopped long enough for me to take their picture.  In making this layout, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the fact that they bring so much joy to my life.  Sometimes the day-to-day tasks that we have to do as mothers can be overwhelming.  Yes, it is hard work!  (Not impossible work, but hard nonetheless).  Truly though, I am so thankful for these two boys; so grateful for the gift of motherhood.

Journaling reads:  There is not a day that goes by that you two don't make me laugh.  You boys are so full of life, imagination, and happiness.  You bring so much joy to my life everyday and I am truly blessed to have you.

Again, I want to remind you to visit The Daily Trumpet to view today's challenge.  You do not have to be registered for Spring Training to participate in the blog challenges and the prizes are amazing, I wish I was eligible to enter!  Also, remember that Monika is blogging at Write.Click.Scrapbook. today and she's sharing several layouts from the collective that feature single-sentence journaling.

Finally, I have a coupon code to share with you. Save $1 off Journaling That Matters by using code HAPPYJOURNAL at checkout.

I'll be back tomorrow with another layout and another coupon code, see you then!

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