April 14, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Starting today the bloggers at Like Mother, Like Daughter are starting a new series


to be posted every Thursday.  Earlier in the week as Leila was introducing the idea (you should go and read that post), she said

My camera in my life is the antidote to the barrage of images I'm surrounded with, images that aim to convince me that my life isn't perfect enough.

I feel very much the same way.  I feel that way about my scrapbooking too.  The two things are largely connected for me.

I said on Monday that this week would be busy,  and it has been.  Not in a bad way though, just a little more on my to-do list than usual.  And I think I am feeling the weight of it all a little more lately too.  Maybe you've noticed it, creeping in my posts.  I'm not sure.  I keep a lot of it to myself.

I love the title of this series because that's what life is, isn't it?  A mix of pretty, happy, funny and real things.  The real part of my life right now is that I miss my little baby so much.  I do.  The day he was supposed to be born is less than a month away and it is simply impossible to be unaware of that fact.  The happy part of life is that when I cry and my boys catch me,

they come to give me a hug.  They try to cheer me up because they see that mommy is sad.  I tell them that mommy is okay, she just misses baby Michael.  Gabe tells me that maybe we can visit him, and I say that that is probably a good idea.  They are so sweet, these boys

{who can resist a big red tractor?}

{or tractor stamps?}

Yesterday we went to The Flower Fields.

It was so beautiful. 

Beyond pretty.

The day was lovely too.  Spent with a good friend, who also lost a baby; stillborn.  Not a connection you would want to have I think, but something that we both share now, that very particular pain.  She understands it.

I am thankful for yesterday.  It was good for me in so many ways.

{making our way through the sweet pea maze}

Sometimes we make connections through those things that bring us pain.  And sometimes we make them through the things that bring us joy.  It's that mix that makes life a mystery.

See the rest of the links at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Until next time, God bless.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Simply breathtaking!

  2. Your photos are lovely.
    Heaven is our hope. A good priest told me: You didn't lose the baby. God has the baby...
    God bless!

  3. Those fields of flowers are such a blessing to all of us. Thank you for sharing that, and also the real parts of your life that are hard right now. There is such beauty in the real, as we cling to Christ.


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