March 29, 2011

Can you relate?

The theme of Write.Click.Scrapbooks.'s March gallery was Done,Finally!  I have been a member of the collective for ten months now and I can see a pattern emerging for me.  Long after I've handed in my assignment (although handed-in is not really the right term in this digital age, but I think you know what I mean!) I end up pondering the month's theme over and over again in my head.  It just always seems to stick with me.  This month the theme really stuck with me, because I am definitely one to put things off.  I'll admit, I am a bit of a procrastinator.  It comes from a tendency towards being a perfectionist; a tendency that I am working to overcome and avoid altogether.  Although, I think that it probably is part of how my brain works and so to me it's more a matter of developing habits that circumvent that way of thinking.  I probably won't be able to change that part of myself completely.

But what's my point?  Well, I had hoped to share some projects that I had been putting off and that I finally completed this month, but - and here is the irony - I sort of put it off! 

Actually, I've been rather industrious this month, if I do say so myself.  I just haven't gotten around to sharing everything I've made.  Oh well.  I'm here today to share I layout I made last year and that I never added the journaling to.  It got lost in a pile of "layouts to be completed."  Do you have one of those?  I know I'm not alone in this!

For a better view, click here.  It was a scraplift of a layout called Brotherly Love that I made back in 2009 and which you can also see in my gallery at

April's WCS gallery will go live on Friday with an all-new theme.  Until then, for the next three days I'll post a layout that I finally got around to completing.  I hope you'll stop by!

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  1. Last year? hmmmm...nope sorry Donna, I'm not that bad ;-D
    I'm happy you finished them because they are absolutely DARLING!!

    Thank you for your visit and comment, it made my day ;-))


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