December 12, 2010


and a little bit tired.  So this post is kind of a collection of various not-necessarily-connected thoughts.  Tomorrow I will be 19 weeks along in this pregnancy.  For some reason, it seems to be going along so quickly.  The first three months for me were filled with the usual "morning" sickness; which for me and many other pregnant women is really all-day sickness.  But unlike my other two pregnancies so far, the sickness has now gone away and I've been feeling surprisingly very good (I'm used to having that nauseous feeling for almost the entire 9+ months).  In fact I'm having to fight the urge to overeat - I'm so hungry all the time.  In the past I always had such bad heartburn too and it served as a very strong deterrent from eating too much in one sitting.  It's just been a completely different experience for me this time around and it is making me wonder whether or not we're having a girl.  With Gabe and Nathan we didn't want to find out the sex of the baby; we wanted it to be a surprise.  But tomorrow I'm going in for my one and only ultrasound (God willing) and well, I'll let you know if I'm right. =) 

As for the tiredness, I had somewhat severe anemia with my previous pregnancies and this time around I started taking my iron supplement as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  That has definitely helped, but I find that I am still more tired than I'd like to be.  I think I have to accept that this will be a new normal for me.  I mean after the baby comes I will be even more tired, this I already know.  So I am trying to accept that things will be different around here for a while.  I'm trying not to go too easy on myself to the point of allowing myself to be lazy, but I'm trying to set more realistic expectations for myself to begin with.

Since it is Advent, and Christmas is approaching, there is a lot to do.  My husband and I like to keep Christmas simple, but even still there things that need to get done this time of year that don't have to be done any other time of year.  I am not complaining at all, just letting you know that I probably won't be blogging too much this month.  Not that I ever blog too much. =)  It is just likely that I'll be blogging a little less. 

I am going to try to take a photo of our Advent wreath tonight.  Gabe is excited about lighting the third candle this Sunday.  The scrapbooker in me wants to record this special tradition this year since it seems to be the first year that Gabe is really paying attention to what we've been doing.  Nathan too.  It's one of the few decorations we have out so far, but it's been enough.  Something about candlelight certainly is fascinating to children.  One of my favorite posts on Advent is one from Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter where she talks about the wonder of Advent and how to instill that sense of wonder in our children.  Although, unlike Leila we don't say "fie" to the Advent calendar with the chocolate behind the door. =)  I like this little tradition; 99 cents from Trader Joe's and my feelings are that the chocolates are so small that I don't find it to be too indulgent.  25 days is a long time for a small child.  I think it helps give them a better sense of what that amount of time feels like.  A way to measure it.  Plus, I think that as they get older we will replace this with a calendar that is more scripture or prayer oriented anyhow.  For now, I let them have their chocolates. =)

Until next time, God bless.


  1. Good luck with your health--glad to hear the sickness is done. I had heartburn too--hard to deal with!

  2. ooo, cannot wait to hear the U/S verdict! how exciting! need to go back and read leila's post, I recall it, too. We are just starting to add more and more decorations daily. Just got our tree this past weekend and it is up, with only lights. I love to cherish Advent and make it a special time leading up to Christmas. I'm all for chocolates in advent calendars, though they're probably more CHristmas countdowns, huh? I just picked up the chocolate covered Candy Cane Joe Joe's 2 weeks ago... ultra decadent. I'm saving them for Sundays and feast days! ;)

  3. Those chocolate covered Joe Joe's are soooo good. But, yes, you can only eat one *maybe* two at one sitting. We bought a box for my husband's birthday and we won't be buying another until after Christmas. I just don't need them in the house. =)


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