October 13, 2010

Welcome to the world Keira Jane

I know someone who has been waiting for you with a patient and hopeful heart!  My friend Angie Lucas is celebrating something very special this week, and to that I want to say:

I was overjoyed when I learned that Angie and her family would be adopting a baby girl.  I couldn't hold back the tears of joy when I read that little Keira Jane was coming home a little earlier than expected.

So here I am celebrating with Angie and with her friends during this truly special time.  I was asked to share something with you Angie, advice, a favorite baby product, maybe a favorite book.  I'm going to share with you two pieces of advice.  The first piece of advice I have is, ignore most advice!  =)  Really, look to the mothers that you admire, the ones you truly look up to.  Notice what they do, see how they discipline their children, how they love their children, nurture their children.  If you want advice about something, ask them.  Everything else you can ignore.  Besides, I think you have all the love and common sense you need to be a great mommy.  I just know you do

My second piece of advice, and really it should be the first, is to pray often and trust in God.  He will give you all the strength and grace you need - if you just ask Him!  There will be tough days.  Pray.  Motherhood is such a gift - I know you know this better than some - and with that gift comes an enormous responsibility.  Don't be afraid of it.  Pray.

The blessings of motherhood are beyond measure. 

I am so very happy for you.


  1. Such a sweet and thoughtful post. And a great card.

  2. I'd really like to meet you. You've written a beautiful post with the best advice I've heard in such a long time.

    I am having tough days right now with my oldest and have just put it all in His hands.

  3. Donna, this is so beautifully written. Thank you. As you are one of the mothers I admire (although from afar), I will take your advice to heart. There is truly no substitute for prayer. Again, thank you.


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