September 15, 2010

Holding On

The fall equinox is one week away on September 22nd.  At 11:09 pm est to be exact.  Usually, I would be more than prepared to move out of summer and into fall, but this year I'm not quite ready.  We've been enjoying the most lovely and most beautiful summer fruit that I can remember in a long time.  It's like we've been having really good fruit luck or something (well, minus that one seedless watermelon purchase...I hate buying watermelon).  Take for example these berries, they were wonderful:   

And I know some of you (a lot of you?) will think I'm crazy but, I'm not that into berries.  They just always seem like a gamble to me.  You never know if they'll be sweet or tart (my boys will eat them either way).  Luckily this summer they've been more sweet than tart.  So the apples and the pears and the pumpkins can wait.  Although I did read yesterday that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks...


  1. I have totally moved into FALL mode here. Easier to do with the cooler temps, the pumpkins abounding and the apple cider in the fridge! Soups are on the menu!

    those berries look like i could break through my screen and eat them!

  2. The weather here is finally cooling down. Problem is, we'll get the Santa Ana winds soon and then it will warm up again. When we go to visit the pumpkin patch it will be in short sleeve shirts and shorts!

  3. Woo hoo, Donna. We made it to the Ella Friends team and I'm so thrilled. Until later, oh and I added you to my sidebar, too.


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