August 11, 2010

As usual there is lots going on at  The August gallery went live last week; the theme for this month was the Trusty 4x6 Photo.  For more on the motivation behind the theme visit this post on the wcs blog.

Here was my contribution to this month's gallery:

A bigger image of this layout along with the my ideas behind the design and a supply list can be found by visiting the gallery.  And you should visit the gallery.  I always come away with lots of ideas after spending a little time there. 

Last week fellow team member Amy Sorenson hosted her first week on the blog.  Starting with Monday's post, she shared her ideas behind one of her favorite page topics, Life Right Now.  She explains it in this way, "it's a layout that documents something about your life, or your subject's life, right at this moment. They’re my favorite because they capture things that I would otherwise forget. Even though they might have seemed trivial or even unforgettable at the time, the details in LRN layouts are priceless. And that's what I'll be writing about this week: ways you can document what's going on in your life. Right now!"

If you missed it, go back and visit her postings from last week.  I think that Amy and I have quite a different approach to our scrapbooking, but that is why I found her week of blogging so inspirational.  She gave me some new ideas and new perspectives that I hadn't thought about before.  I'm definitely filing away those ideas for later. 

I was also happy to be able to contribute to her week with this layout:

which records a bit of our life right now; Gabe would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday if I let him.

This past Monday kicked off a week of Summer Photography Challenges.  Day one's challenge:  Summer Food.  Here is a photo that I happened to take on the very first day of summer this year, June 21st (I didn't plan it, it just worked out that way):


Cucumbers being pickled.  One of my favorite things to make in summer is refrigerator pickles.  And this photo, it makes me happy.

Until next time, God bless.


  1. I love that photo too, Donna! : )

  2. Thanks for your nice words, Donna! I had forgotten about homemade pickles. My mom used to make them... hmmmm. Might have to investigate!


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