September 19, 2009

First Batch

How do you know that fall has begun? Well, if you live in a state that actually has seasons, then you'll notice the weather starting to change. For those of us who are not so fortunate...we head to Starbucks (hereafter known as SB). Maybe not the deepest or most profound way to mark the beginning of a new season, but when I see the Pumpkin Spice Latte show up on the menu, I know fall has officially begun.

On a much similar note, I am also a huge fan of the pumpkin scone that SB sells during the fall and winter months. Have you ever had one? I think they are pretty good, even if they do have, in my opinion, too much frosting.

One night a couple of years ago, I was seriously craving one those guys but I really didn't want to make a trip to SB. So what did I do?

Well, first I should let you know that I have a husband who bakes. Yes, you read that right. He bakes. I should also mention that his specialty is scones. Scones!!

So what do you do when you want a scone and you have a husband who just happens to make what you think, in all honesty and sincerity, are the world's best scones? You ask him as sweetly as possible (and with your eyelashes batting just in case) to make you some. I went online and found a recipe that was based on Starbucks' pumpkin scones. Luckily we had everything we needed on hand and about an hour-and-a-half later we had pumpkin scones. They were good. Since that time, my sweets has perfected the recipe and made some adjustments to it and now, I really think his pumpkin scones are much better than SB's.

So, now to the point of this whole post, last week I was craving a pumpkin scone. Lucky for me, so was my sweetie. So we made our first batch of the season (I'm in charge of the frosting). And guess what? They were good.

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